There is a slight feeling in my mind. The younger martial sister from the East looked up and Brother Bai was looking at herself with a smile.

I can’t help but say with a red face, "I haven’t eaten such delicious hot sauce for a long time, and my mother’s taste is very similar, so I won’t be greedy."
Seeing the oriental school sister blushing slightly and talking softly to herself, Baiyun Tower suddenly felt that this was what she liked.
If the fairy is a little more, the fireworks will become close and warm.
Baiyun Lou waved to the bartender with a big heart and shouted, "Xiao Er, another catty of chopped green onion cakes and a plate of hot sauce."
Eating simple street food and watching people come and go out of the window is still the same lane just now, but it seems to be completely different from a moment ago.
Joking, greeting and selling seem to be full of human feelings.
The memory deep in the bottom of my heart suddenly poured out. The morning when sapphire first knew the sea was also the moment when the teenager seemed to realize something but didn’t really feel it.
At this time, Baiyun Tower finally knew that it was not only the taste of the world of mortals, but also the more or less strong or weak feelings.
Those people in the lane of the hometown county, those fogs, those memories are homesickness, and what is the feeling of the younger sister? Baiyun Tower is a little ignorant and some expectations.
Suddenly, the Baiyun Tower was inspired to paint, that is, to melt feelings into paintings. Lonely feelings, fireworks, love and love can all be painted to get images of all beings.
I took a deep look at the Baiyun Corridor of the Eastern Martial Sister. "Suddenly, my senior martial sister went back to the yard."
Stay Oriental school sister nodded Baiyun Lou got up and left the store, and several steps were out of the alley and went to the courtyard gate.
Looking at the elder brother’s back, Zhao-yang Xia was a little puffy and said, "Why did you suddenly leave when you agreed to invite people to eat breakfast? The silver hasn’t been paid yet."
The younger martial sister in the East said with a smile, "Brother Bai’s painting skills suddenly realized. It should be a moment of inspiration, so he was in a hurry to return to the hospital. Maybe we can see Brother Bai’s paintings when we get back."
"Oh" Zhao-yang Xia is still not interested in chopsticks chopsticks, chopsticks and chopped green onion cakes in the dish, and it seems that he has lost his appetite. After drinking two drops of egg drop soup, he cried out to have a look around the city.
Xiao pang wrapped the leftover chopped green onion cake paper with a string and picked it up. Who knows when this senior sister remembered and cried out for food?
Two people accompanied Xia Chaoyang to stroll around the city and pass by an antique shop. Xia Chaoyang went in and picked up a corner and took a fancy to a sapphire flute.
Chapter seventy-nine Dizzy ink into a picture
Yu Di is very primitive, but the price has been too high and dusty for some time.
Xia Chaoyang picked up Yu Di’s tentacles from the wooden box and loved them so much that he let the store wrap them up.
Xiao pang took the initiative to pay the silver, but now Sister Xia is also a big owner of Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce, and her wealth is also extraordinary. These silver are naturally not worth paying attention to.
Out of the antique shop, Xiao Pang asked, "Why did Sister Xia suddenly buy a Yu Di and want to learn melody?"
In a good mood, a lot of Xia Chaoyang said with a smile, "This Yu Di is for my brother to buy a trip to the desert sea. My brother has helped me a lot. I’ve always wanted to buy something for my brother, and I finally slept together today."
"I helped my sister block the sword at the bottom of the lake. Why don’t I give her a handy thing?" Oriental Ziyan rarely has the interest to tease the pool.
Xia Chaoyang was a little stunned and shouted, "Why don’t you go back and pick another one for your sister?"
Before Oriental Ziyan could reply, Xia Chaoyang was surprised and said, "Sister, how can you make fun of people today? Haha, it seems that I have returned to my childhood feeling." She said that she was going to hug Sister.
Oriental Ziyan dodged her fingers and nodded her head for a summer.
Zhao-yang Xia remembered that he was still dressed as a man, but his mood was good and he was laughing again.
Baiyunlou, the road back to the hospital, is leisurely and leisurely, and the stroll is fleeting and far away.
All the way, most of the gods in Baiyun Tower sank into the sea of knowledge and memory, and the sea of dreams and fog churned.
Pieces of turbid clouds, like ink and wash, change with the depth of god’s knowledge and thoughts, and finally conjure up an early morning mist, an old street scene, and all the people in memory seem to come alive.
Going back to Baiyunlou in the small courtyard, you can walk into the quiet house, sit in front of the case, spread out drawing paper, grind ink and brush, and hesitate again if there is a god.
When the spirit and mind are United, the water mist nib is scattered when it is gathered.
A few strokes outline the lines that shake people’s minds, and the nuanced paintings are equally touching. The shallow mist curled up like a wisp of homesickness.
Stay at the last stroke of Baiyun Tower, and look at the painting with a slight absence.
For the first time, the deep memory of the memory sea is presented in the painting, as if the painting time has been intercepted, and a kind of homesickness is vivid in the painting.
Raise my hand and draw the picture into the Baiyun Tower, which is the boundary of knowing the sea. This reminds me that I left my younger sister and younger brother alone and went back to the yard. I can’t help but smile slightly.
Looking back, it’s rare for a younger martial sister from the East to show a little shyness after eating a plate of hot sauce, which makes her feel good. What kind of feeling is this? Baiyun Building suddenly wants to draw her blushing face instantly.
Re-write Baiyun Tower, take a piece of drawing paper and draw it. My younger sister is beautiful and smiling, and her shy eyes gradually appear in the pen.
After a long time, the painting was finished, and the school sister was full of charm, such as falling into the mortal fairy, seven points of fairy spirit and three points of girl breath, beautiful appearance, and Baiyun Tower looked in a daze.
There was a noise in the yard, and then I came to my senses and put away the painting and pushed the door out.
Xia Chaoyang, who saw the Baiyun Tower walk out of the door, put the wooden box on the stone table and asked, "Have you finished your painting, brother? Take it out for the younger sister to enjoy."
Baiyun Tower smiled and said, "Nature is finished."
After that, I took out a picture from the sea-knowing barrier, but I didn’t feel busy before I took it out. I took back the sea-knowing barrier and took a picture again.
Secretly breathed a sigh of relief, Baiyun Tower, which was to spread out the street scene in the exhibition in hand.
The three of them looked at this picture full of people’s anger, as if it had entered the lane, as if people were buzzing at the tip of their noses, as if there was a fragrance lingering around them, and a faint sense of homesickness floated in their hearts.
After a long time, Xia Shimei said during her recovery, "I feel homesick and I don’t know how my mother has been these months."
Looking at the painting, chubby looks forward to the tunnel "Bai Dage, is this your hometown lane? It’s so human. You must show your younger brother around."
"If I have, I will take you back with me. If Niang knows that our hospital has made so many friends, she is estimated to be happy from ear to ear." Baiyun Building said with a smile.
Xiao Pang is a little proud. "In a few days, there will be a Chaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Luoshui County, and it will be much more convenient to contact Bai Da at home."
"That’s good. It’s thoughtful to float in the sky." Baiyun Tower answered.
Oriental Ziyan looked at the painting for a while and seemed to realize that a simple water stroke was superb by Brother Bai.
Looking at the faint mist, like a veil, cooking smoke, Oriental Ziyan seems to see the brother’s arbitrary painting technique.
For example, the door of a fan painting art has been opened, and the accumulation of these days has finally ushered in the harvest period.
After telling the three brothers something, Oriental Ziyan excused herself and went back to the room to paint.
Looking at the back of the Eastern pool back to the room, I can’t help but sigh that this pool has been watching mountains, rivers, plants, birds, insects and fish for more than half a month, and it’s finally time to break the cocoon and become a butterfly.
I felt someone pulling my sleeve at the White Cloud Tower, and then I turned around and saw that it was Sister Xia with a wooden box in her hand and handed it over.
Baiyun Tower conveniently took a look at a green Yu Di lying inside.
Picked up just a look and couldn’t get interested. This Yu Di turned out to be a magic weapon. Surprised, I asked, "Xia Shimei, where did this Yu Di come from? It turned out to be a magic weapon."
"Ah, it’s a magic weapon." Xia Chaoyang couldn’t help but wonder, "That’s great. This is just bought by a roadside antique shop."
"This Yu Di is specially sent to senior brother. I didn’t expect it to be a multiplier. Senior brother Bai is still satisfied with it."
Baiyun Tower rubbed Qing Yu Di with a smile. "It’s rare to receive a gift from my sister. I’m naturally satisfied that my sister is so generous. If you need any help from my brother, my brother is duty-bound."
See white brother you’re welcome to accept Yu Di Xia Chaoyang heart XiaoMi eyes.
I failed and thought, "Brother has practiced a lot of handwriting recently. I’ll show you some."
Then I went back to my room and took a copy of calligraphy and handed it to Brother Bai.
Baiyunlou stretched out his hand and took it and carefully looked at the font. It seems that Xia Shimei’s recent practice is very heart-warming.
I couldn’t help nodding. "My sister has made great progress recently. Before I heard that my sister practiced calligraphy, I don’t know if I can still think about it."
Hearing Brother Bai’s praise for his good handwriting practice, he immediately burst into laughter and replied, "Naturally, it is a symbol pattern of seal cutting."
School sister replied that Baiyun Tower was very pleased. She took out a stack of rune extensions from the self-knowledge sea boundary and handed them to Xia Sister.
Chapter 10 An alchemist furnace
Baiyun Corridor "If you have something to copy, you can not only be familiar with the Falun Gong, but also practice the Falun Gong before, and you will be better at it."
Zhao-yang xia quickly took the brittle should be.
Today, Baiyun Tower patiently picked up Xia Shimei’s calligraphy and copied it page by page to read it carefully.
From time to time, I give directions to Zhao-yang Xia, who is very serious, listening and occasionally peeking at my senior brother.