"Blare-"Aoki Wolf King growled and jumped to the side of the little Aoki Wolf with one or three legs, grabbed it and turned to drill into the bushes.

Carl and Bi Su rushed to pursue, but they were stopped by Ji Dong with a painful fist. "Don’t chase the bitter enemy, but it’s somebody else’s territory that meets the forest, and this Aoki Wolf King might have some desperate skills to really annoy it, and we can’t get good."
Bi Su was depressed tunnel "it seems that our strength is still far from it! Such a head of third-order Warcraft will make us totally embarassed. If it weren’t for the boss, I’m afraid we’d have to be pound-foolish. "
Carl glared at Bisu. "Who told you that you have nothing to do to tease others? Can the little wolf bully the little land and not come out?"
Bi Su said with a face of koo, "How can this blame me? This Aoki Wolf King is really cunning, but he can still run. If you kill it, maybe you can get a wooden crystal nucleus?"
Ji Dong some surprise way "crystal nucleus? Is it a crystal crown? "
Bi Su said, "Of course, it’s not because we don’t have any fighting ability. The Institute didn’t teach us this knowledge. I also heard my dad say that hunting Warcraft will give you a chance to get their crystal nucleus. The crystal nucleus will have the same properties as Warcraft. I don’t know what the crystal crown is, but this crystal nucleus is a good thing! What attribute crystal nucleus can supplement what attribute magic? To be precise, if I can have a second-order crystal nucleus of Warcraft, then I will have twice the magic power. Although the magic strength remains unchanged, the ability to continue fighting is much stronger, but the attribute is Ding Huo crystal nucleus. You need C fire. "
Ji Dong suddenly said, "That’s equivalent to adding magic things. If you have such one, don’t you need to worry about running out of magic?"
Bi Su shook his head. "It’s not that the magic power of crystal nucleus is limited, like level 3 and level 3 crystal nuclei of Warcraft are all disposable, and it will be abolished. It’s impossible to replenish the crystal nucleus of level 4 to level 6 advanced Warcraft, so that the crystal nucleus can be re-injected with magic through the magic teacher’s own supplement, and they can even recover some magic by themselves over time, depending on the crystal nucleus’s own properties, but don’t even think about those things. Even if the teacher deals with level 4 Warcraft in summer, it may be barely enough. It’s like the gap between the three crowns and four crowns of our magic teacher. Speaking of which, it’s not easy for us to beat the first and third levels of Warcraft this time. "
Carl put his arm around Ji Dong’s shoulder. "Eldest brother, you confessed that your magic skills were learned from me and Bi Su, but I didn’t expect you to give us a big surprise first. That’s a single combination skill! There are also continuous combination skills. If your combination skills hadn’t hit the right front leg of Aoki Wolf King, maybe we would be finished today. "
Bi Su said, "It is this two months that I have been practicing magic skills with Carl for two months. That C-D fireball is a combination skill. It is too difficult to cooperate. We are going to make a blockbuster at Tiangan College, but I didn’t expect the boss to be stronger and you can complete the combination skill yourself. Chapter 32 C-D fireball.
Bi Su said yes, although the combination skill is much more powerful than the ordinary magic skill, it is not so easy to succeed because it requires two less magic teachers. It is necessary for two people to cooperate with each other very tacitly. After all, everyone’s magic release methods are different, and it is difficult to cooperate perfectly without being tempered.
Ji Dong ha ha a smile "I said I taught myself, believe it or not? If you like me, just teach you. "
Carl shook his head. "No, boss, your magic skill is obviously suitable for you. You need two attributes to cooperate with us. Instead, it is better to practice our own magic skill. In summer, the teacher said that it is best to have the magic skill that suits you best, but we just had that combination skill boss. You can try both of them. Maybe you can be an expert directly. It’s good to have one more ranged attack skill! In the summer, the teacher said that if we practice this C-D fireball, it can be regarded as a hit skill level. Although it is a low-level hit skill, it is rare for us bachelor magic teachers. "
Ji Dong can’t help but be heartbroken when he thinks of the fireball that suddenly broke the Aoki shield. If he can have a ranged attack magic skill, his strength will definitely increase. With Carl and Bi Su, he naturally won’t be polite and ask for advice immediately.
Bing Ding fireball this magic skill is not complicated, after all, it is composed of two benchmark skills. As soon as Ji Dong practiced, these two benchmark skills are very simple, which is much easier than fierce yang bite and dark moon claw. It is also to condense the magic and then attack. This Bing Ding fireball directly extracts the magic from its own yin crown or yang crown, and then condenses the magic from the arm to the palm through the semi-circle movement, and then mobilizes a magic force to boost it, thus completing the process. Compared with fierce yang bite and dark moon claw, it needs to instantly gather every magic and release several skills.
Tree Ji Dong hands at the same time draw their sides into a semicircle. Finally, the condensation on his chest is clearly visible. In his palm, it condenses into a ball. His left hand, Ding Huo, and his right hand, C-fire, at the same time, launch two balls of light, which condense into a ball of fire that is smaller than that of the previous Bi Su and Carl.
Crashing into a small tree not far away, it suddenly burst into flames and rain, and the young tree broke off from it.
Carl and Bi Su gaped at the first display of this magic skill, and Ji Dong looked at each other for a while.
Ji Dong twist a head to look at two people "I just right? Is there any mistake? "
Bi Su patted Ji Dong on the shoulder. "Boss, I am stimulated." After that, I also made a deep sigh and a face of unwillingness
Carl said with a wry smile, "Boss, Bi Su and I have practiced this magic trick for a month before we can barely get out and practice for another month to ensure that every time we make it, we will not fail and blow ourselves up. I don’t know how many times you have successfully tested it for the first time, and I am also stimulated."
Ji Dong ha ha smiled. "This may be a little advantage of the dual attributes, but the power is much worse than that of you. I am a person who makes the dual attributes magic cooperate with nature. There is no problem. The way I mobilize my own magic will never be easier in different situations." Although his fireball is not as powerful as Carl and Bi Soviet Union, don’t forget that he also has a person!
With the science of uniting the fierce Yang bite and the dark moon claw, it is easy to cast this C-D fireball based on the difficult benchmark technology. Although this ranged attack magic skill is good, the magic consumption is also quite large. This Ji Dong consumes a third of the magic. If it is changed to the extreme double fire, I am afraid there will be a blow.
Judging from this magic skill, Ji Dong is also more determined to strive to cultivate the skills of the two kings. This fireball can be used as a supplement to his own strength.
The appearance of Aoki Wolf King made three people wary, and they didn’t dare to stay any longer. Even if there won’t be too much danger of Warcraft here, it will not be easy for them to come here today if they want to get away with one more adult Aoki Wolf.
However, their judgment is clearly correct. There are very few Warcraft in this weathered mountain range, especially after they have climbed several low peaks, let alone Warcraft. Even ordinary beasts are rarely seen.
It’s getting dark, and the sunset quietly falls from the distant hillside and takes away the light that lasted for a day.
Ji Dong pointed to the front while looking at the map. "Look at that mountain, it is the highest peak of the weathered mountain range. If we want to turn over there, there will be few roads behind. We should be able to get out of the mountain range before dark."
Ji Dong pointed to the mountain, which is rarely nearly three kilometers high. With the afterglow of the sunset, it is very rare to see the snow-white hills in the south of the mainland, but there are also some hills that are white. Looking at the sunset and Xuefeng breathing the refreshing breath in the mountains, Ji Dong has been depressed these days and can’t help but recover a little bit. I hope I can see you tonight.
Bi Su sat against a big tree. "Boss, I don’t want to move now. I’m exhausted."
Carl’s situation is much better than that of Bishop. He asked Ji Dong, "Boss, are we going to make a fire?"
Ji Dong wanted to think, "We should not only make a fire, but also make a big bonfire. Wild animals are naturally afraid of flames. Even if there is Warcraft in this mountain, there are two kinds of wood properties and soil properties. A huge bonfire will also have a shock to the low-level Warcraft body. After dinner, you should rest first, I will watch in the middle of the night, and then you will take turns to replace the mountain. We should be careful. After all, it is no joke to meet Warcraft. Chapter 33 Ice Peak is in distress.
Ji Dong still didn’t get what he wanted. When he finished his dinner, while Carl and Bishop were still not resting, he quietly went back to the geocentric Lake in the front row, but he still didn’t see the flame. He had to make a cocktail and return to the evening quickly, and he was in a good mood.
Carl and Bishop both got into the tent and slept, but Ji Dong fell asleep for a long time. Looking at the hot bonfire in front of him, he kept flashing flames, and his thoughts kept gnawing at his heart. He didn’t see the flames these days, and he found that the flames were more important in his heart. That is beyond words.
I don’t know if it was a bonfire. It was a quiet night. Bisu and Carl got up to watch the night until dawn. They didn’t meet a wild animal, let alone Warcraft.
Simple to eat something Ji Dong three people practice for half an hour to adjust their state to the best before starting again.
It may be easy for ordinary people to feel tired if they stay in the wild, but all three of them are magic teachers and they are full of energy. Even last night, they complained that Tirbisu got up early in the morning.
Continue to set out and cross a ravine, and the three of them entered the first peak range of the wind and frost mountains. Although there is no road, there are enough plants to help them climb smoothly, and soon they climbed halfway up the mountain.
However, when they got here, their speed of progress slowed down significantly, and the more they went to the mountain, the steeper they became to avoid unnecessary danger. Ji Dong took out a rope from the bracelet and connected him with Carl and Bishop, which really became a grasshopper.
It makes sense for Ji Dong to do so. They are all magic teachers, and their bodies are much stronger than ordinary people. In case anyone slips, the strength of the other two people will definitely be able to hold the slip. With this rope, the safety will naturally increase.
Finally, when the fiery red sun gradually rose to the middle of the day, the three of them also entered the area where the main peak was covered with ice and snow, and the temperature dropped a lot. Occasionally, a gust of mountain wind would suddenly bring a biting feeling.