"It’s the patriarch!" The housekeeper promised to go out and prepare the car as soon as possible, but the little leader dared not stay any longer and ran out with him.

"Wang Ming, you have just come back and have experienced so many things. Don’t be so anxious to attack the vegetarian family! There will be no problem when you rest for a while. Anyway, the vegetarian clan has been trapped here by us, and I’m afraid they have been held back by some forces outside their helpers. It’s just a matter of time before we attack them. Will the problem be urgent now? " Yueming and Yueying sit in her special carriage, while Wang Ming and Yuehua ride on one side of the carriage. Now they all observe the situation and Yueming asks while watching.
Yueming had hoped that Wang Ming and Yueying could have a rest in a hurry. When she heard the battle report, she knew that the Lingsu people had suffered a lot. Thousands of elite attributes were annihilated by Wang Mingyan Wangcheng. This will not be able to recover from the loss for a while. Now the Lingsu people must be fighting against the virtual roots and can’t play any tricks anymore. At this time, Yueming is not in a hurry. I hope that their advantage will make the Lingsu people accept mental suffering. If they can torture them, it will be the greatest achievement for Yueming.
"No, Queen, we can’t wait any longer. I already figured it out when we summoned you. When our soldiers hit the Lingsu clan, you will almost come soon. In this way, we can launch a general attack on them when they are in a panic. I’m afraid they may not be able to come up with countermeasures, even if they have fighting capacity, they will suffer heavy losses due to improper arrangement.
But now that we have lost the opportunity, we have stayed here for too long, so that the soldiers of the Lingsu nationality have adapted to the atmosphere of the coming war, then we have not paid for the momentum advantage except the strength advantage.
Then there is the Lingsu clan. After all, it is no longer the Lingsu clan. They have occupied here for many years, and their clan city was chosen by themselves. I’m afraid there must be some reason why they can choose such a city near the north and not prosperous. We can’t wait any longer, and we can’t give them the chance to adapt to the battle. In this case, even if they have any trump card, the chances of counterattack will be great if the clan loses confidence. Drop "Wang Ming won’t be naive. After the loss of personnel, the Eldar will give in easily. However, they have developed a race similar to gunpowder and explosives. Although their technology is not the enemy of Parademons, its destructive power is not small. Wang Ming decided to have the first hand.
After listening to Wang Ming’s explanation, Yueming thought for a moment, "Well, Wang Ming said that after so many years, don’t say that the Lingsu clan has found its own clan city. Even if we are forced to make a ghost, we have been able to defend the enemy profitably, not to mention being cunning and ashamed of the Lingsu clan. Maybe they really have something to turn the tide. The more they give them, the more trouble things will become for the Goddess clan and Wuyuguo."
"Slice! I think it’s just that he is timid and thinks everything so seriously. The Shields are so dangerous. Look at them. They have been attacked by us and they are in a hurry! " Month surplus despise way
"Yue Ying, you shut up. Wang Ming has paid a lot. If you don’t respect Wang Ming, I’ll drive you out of Wuyuguo." Yue Ming heard the moonlight shadow and immediately said sullenly.
"It’s mother’s adult. I know I’m wrong." Although Yue Ying is not happy with Wang Ming, he also dare not contradict his mother and immediately apologize.
Chapter four hundred and eleven The situation changes
"Look at the Lingsu clan. It seems that some of them can’t stand it. Later, those people may be poor people with little experience. You see, their fighting is too weak." Yue Ming was going to severely reprimand the moon shadow around him when she was in surplus in January.
Although Yueying has different feelings for Wang Ming, she doesn’t want to see her mother Wang Ming and blames Wang Ming too much. After all, Yueying is her own sister, and the harsher the monthly sound, Yueying may have more opinions about Wang Ming in her heart, and she will immediately divert her attention from the changes in the fighting of the Lingsu wall.
Real Yueming has always been prejudiced against Wang Ming by Yueying because she asked Wang Ming to choose one of them to marry back, but Wang Ming didn’t choose Yueying Yueying. Although she didn’t necessarily want to marry Wang Ming, after all, she was competitive since she was a child and lost to her young aunt, which may make her feel uncomfortable.
Moreover, Yue Ming doesn’t regret the original decision, but she also feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, which makes them feel the chips. Yue Ming doesn’t want to blame Yue Ying too much, but Wang Ming is so disrespectful about the moon surplus after all, which makes Wang Ming feel embarrassed. Then it will be bad to have a bad feeling with the goddess family in her heart, so she can’t help but interrupt the existing moon shadow and she will muddle along.
Wang Ming is used to hearing the words of Moon Surplus, and there is no big reaction. Although Wang Ming once worried that if Moon Surplus succeeds to the throne according to two people, I am afraid it will have a bad influence on human beings and Wang Ming personally, but on second thought, Moon Shadow Qualification is the only choice for a queen. If Wang Ming exerts a little influence on Moon Shadow, then the problem of him and Moon Shadow will be solved. Besides, it is said that the life span of Goddess can reach more than 150 years, and the queen’s position is only in her thirties, which is still far from that time! Wang Mingxian doesn’t care much about Yueying. Most of the time, he takes Yueying’s words as deaf ears.
Marrying Wang Mingyue has always protected her as a small "xianggong", and she has always been obedient and clever. However, she will be the first to jump out when it comes to Wang Ming’s gossip or the need for force. However, Yue Hua did not interrupt this time because she coerced Wang Ming to marry her for a good reason, but it is more appropriate to show the moon shadow and the moon surplus according to her age, and Wang Ming is so excellent. Now Yue Hua feels a little sorry for the moon shadow and the moon surplus, so she will not say anything more about this matter.
In this way, everyone agreed on the tacit understanding and turned their attention to the vegetarian wall, ignoring the ridicule of Wang Ming just now. Seeing that Wang Ming and Yuehua didn’t pursue the meaning, Yue Ming was also relieved.
"No, what kind of black dynamite are they going to make? Come and send a signal." Wang Ming suddenly saw that the rookie soldiers in Chengtou were all tied with black things, and immediately responded by saying hello to Yiqi Monto behind them.
"What is the kind of thing that those Lingsu people sent when Ghost Ze attacked us?" Yuehua heard Wang Ming shout so immediately is a surprised hurriedly asked.
"Well, you can’t go wrong. That kind of substance can certainly not only form a round sphere and tie it into a belt shape, but also." Wang Ming nodded his head.
At this time, Ike Monto was surprised and rushed to Wang Ming. He hurriedly said, "Send a signal to the front to evacuate the melee fighters from the wall and keep a distance from the Lingsu people in exchange for the distant fighters."
At this time, the battle base is a kind of two-car delivery command. Wang Ming tells the front to fight against a team in the rear. The team has someone who specially observes the semaphore, and these semaphores represent the face command. Immediately after the translation, the observer tells the bugler around him, and the huge horn blows out to command the battle ahead. Because the horn is loud, everyone can hear it and the effect is the fastest, and the soldiers are trained in the horn language before the battle. You will know what is going on as soon as you listen to it.
Wang Ming knows this relatively old information delivery method, but he has never meant that these things were set up by Rab when he was waiting near the North City. Later, Wang Mingpu implemented Wang Ming in all military camps. Sometimes it is because he thinks that Rab is a genius and can always manage everything in good order. This time, Wang Ming has always put Rab in charge of logistics. As far as what is concerned, Rab can always ensure the logistics, which also makes Wang Ming’s March more stable.
"Boo-hoo … Boo-hoo!" Long, short and good horns sounded, and the original city wall was about to dominate. The soldiers of Wuyuguo immediately retreated like the tide, followed by those soldiers who could launch long-range attacks and those with strong attributes to kill them long-range.
Speaking of long-range killing, Uramu had to be a little long when Wang Ming disappeared, and Uramu was replacing the rear army commander at that time. Uramu felt a little guilty about supporting Wang Ming’s adventure. He didn’t expect that Wang Ming’s ability would be as good as Xiang Ji’s. Uramu seems that Wang Ming is not a competitive person. He thinks that even if Wang Ming is disrespectful, he will get away. Even worse, there is a very good princess around him, but Wang Ming just disappears.
Uramu made up for his guilt. During Wang Ming’s disappearance, Uramu led his craftsmen to bring Wang Ming’s hand a long anger. Of course, these craftsmen were the people who made and fired slings.
With the joint efforts of Wu Lamu and Wang Ming’s craftsmen, they actually produced a large number of equipment with long bows and anger and gave them to some ordinary soldiers of Wang Ming.
The length of this crossbow is 1.35 meters long, and its body is equipped with a crossbow box, which can hold 50 pieces of long anger at a time and can be fired continuously. However, the length of this crossbow is almost the same as that of the bow and arrow. It is also called that the strength of the bow and the long anger bowstring stirs up a lot, and some defenses are very strong. It is almost as little as a piece of paper in front of it, and there is not much protection. Even the dwarf gravity armor and the human energy field armor are hard to defend.
Although this kind of anger with a long bow looks primitive but its power is amazing, it may be nothing for a person to hold it, but once hundreds of people hold the crossbow with a long bow and anger, I’m afraid that others will not dare to stand up to it except the extremely strong. This is also why the dwarves are unwilling to make this system relatively easy and powerful, except for the technology of anger with a long bow. Because this kind of anger with a long bow is too easy, I’m afraid it is more dangerous than revealing their high-tech flying armor technology.
However, the dwarves are a trustworthy race after all, and since they believe in their friends, they will choose to pay even worse. Uramu encouraged them to lose their coach. So Uramu also gave the skill of long anger to the craftsmen of Wuyuguo.
The Wuyu people withdrew from the city wall very quickly, which also shows that their usual training quality was "buzzing!" The sound of a bow and a long angry ejection is endless.
"poop-poop! Ah! Ah! " Later, the vegetarian family supported the soldiers, so they had no experience. As soon as the fairy family retreated, they rushed in with excitement and were immediately shot into hedgehogs by the long bow.
It’s a phrase for the strong to watch the soldiers around them emit such a powerful crossbow. Their strength should be much stronger than even the crossbow, but it’s not as fast as they are and the number is not as much as they are. Obviously, the speed of killing the enemy now is effective for these ordinary soldiers, which makes those with high spirits and strong attributes unacceptable, but there is no way to comfort them silently. "This is dwarf technology, this is dwarf technology! ! !”
"Thank you, Mr. Ulamu, for your technical support. Since I came back, my craftsman has been extremely excited and told me the news. At that time, I had not come to see this crossbow’s power is ordinary. I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. It seems that this time it is really necessary to thank you." Wang Ming bowed slightly toward the horse-drawn carriage like him to observe the combat situation.
"There I am also a little guilty in my heart. After all, if I hadn’t encouraged you at that time, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been missing for months." Uramu said with a full face of apologies.
"Eh, I can’t blame Mr. Ulamu for this. I went to see Mr. Xiang Jiyun. No, I was going, but it happened at that time. That was a great help. How can I blame you!" Wang Ming immediately with the wave way
"You’re welcome, Mr. Yue Ming, who is supported by the dwarves to Wuyuguo, remembers that the friendship between Wuyuguo and the dwarves will last forever and ever." At this time, Yue Ming also turned to the road from the situation.
"Thank you for the Queen’s pursuit of the Five Jade Countries and the dwarves’ eternal friends." Uramu said that the dwarves have always been in crisis. It is of great benefit to have such a powerful ally to face the possibility of fighting or wait for the dwarves to develop after the situation stabilizes. So Uramu immediately said