Yun Mingyuan noticed that Han Xiumo looked slightly wrinkled. "What’s the matter?"

Han Xiumo told him the test.
Han Xiumo guessed that everyone in front would probably come to this test, not only refining medicine, but also people’s hearts.
His eyes rested on Yunmingyuan and he couldn’t help laughing.
If others come in together, he may have to worry about it, but it is not necessary to follow Yunmingyuan’s worry.
"I think we can refine Peiyuan Dan, Guyuan Dan, vitality Dan, Qingling Jiedu Dan … if not, there are three kinds of medicinal materials that can’t." Yun Mingyuan tried to help Han Xiumo with his knowledge.
Han Xiumo didn’t interrupt him.
Yun Mingyuan overthrew the train of thought several times and found that he was really not good at it.
No matter how you look at it, there are several herbs in it that are redundant.
He couldn’t help looking at the professionals.
Han Xiumo smiled. "There are several kinds of medicinal materials that are used to assist the remnants, but the success rate of alchemy is not high."
Actually, it’s not recorded in All Saints’ Pharmacopoeia. It’s because the pharmacopoeia is the best method, so this opportunistic little means is not needed.
There is no third in the second pharmacopoeia, but these confusing medicinal materials have just come from the second pharmacopoeia, which the alchemist may not notice.
However, Han Xiumo is very familiar with these herbs, and these kinds of Dan medicines can be refined with his eyes closed. These are all from previous lives. Although he is a cheap master and a cheap brother, he seems to regard him as a darling, but Han Xiumo’s practice is all about finding ways to learn cheap master and brother.
They also came to raise a person who knows a little alchemy. body double only needs to know alchemy, but they can’t understand it.
There are a lot of alchemy skills that Han Xiumo contributed through Zongmen in exchange for occasionally meeting an alchemist in Zongmen and giving him some tips, which have become the accumulation of Han Xiumo.
Now he actually doesn’t know these skills of neutralizing Lingcao, but he probably won’t be able to do it here without these Lingcao.
He sighed and took out all the Lingcao in the cupboard and put it aside. Yunmingyuan was watching Han Xiumo’s alchemy with great interest.
Han Xiumo didn’t refine Dan medicine in front of him. At that time, Han Xiumo was very sad. It seemed that he was ready to face death at any time. He was not keen on everything. Sometimes he would make his character cold. Yunmingyuan gave birth to a feeling that Han Xiumo was very cold.
Even he will think so. Yunxuan will spit more behind his back. Sometimes Yunxuan will amuse Han Xiumo by running around the yard with his plow body.
But now Han Xiumo …
It’s different from before
He looked calm and focused, moving around manually, and every movement looked pleasing to the eye, completely immersed in the process of alchemy.
Yunmingyuan can feel Han Xiumo’s pleasure.
He is enjoying the process.
Chapter 55 Cheap Master
Han Xiumo’s practice of mental method was obtained in a secret place. Before that, he practiced by giving him the same mental method as his senior brother and master. They wanted to revive the young man. He relied on that mental method to practice until the foundation period.
Then came the extension of time limit and the stagnation of repair.
Then Han Xiumo chose to go out and experience, and once again he got a purple mansion that could be refined by his soul. He was more in line with the method.
Although the second part of the heavenly heart medicine, the sacred heart method, is the second part, he chose to abolish the original repair and did not feel any obstacles after being closed in the purple house for only 30 years and successfully returned to the original realm.
Maybe only the last achievement method is a problem, but Han Xiumo couldn’t detect it at that time
It took him a long time to realize that maybe the guy who occupied his body was getting thinner not only because he had no desire to survive, but also because his skills didn’t fit.
He shook his head and threw his messy thoughts out of his mind. Hu Xiaoren’s attitude was more respectful. "Thank you, master."
The villain waved his hand. "Oh, you’re welcome!"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo "…"
A little old man sitting in a teacup rolled his eyes and suddenly said, "Can you take this cup with you when you leave?"
Han Xiumo zheng "of course"
The little old man smoothed his beard and was very satisfied with this brother. "Good, good, old man really knows the pearl."
I don’t know what I was praised for. Han Xiumo "…" I wish I could smile at this time.
However, Yun Mingyuan frowned and suddenly asked, "I don’t know the name of my predecessor?"
"It’s interesting that you’re a junior." The little old man stared at Yun Mingyuan for a moment and smiled. "Why are you afraid that I have too many enemies to get you into trouble?"
Yunmingyuan "…"
Han Xiumo poked his silence at this time can represent the default!
Yunmingyuan remained unmoved.
Han Xiu ink breath should not YunMingYuan really think so?
"Yeah, disciple, it’s a good couple for you." The little old man poked fun at the sentence and then got serious. "I’m a green man who respects you. Ask around after you go out."
Han Xiumo’s face changed slightly.
Qingwuzun … is really familiar with the name.
He sighed in his mind and nodded to show that he was white.
The fix-the-true world has inherited great power, which has already soared or is ancient, but he is not dead yet, and obviously left a cause for himself.
Han Xiumo doesn’t doubt that he found an apprentice because he saw the resurrection method in All Saints Pharmacopoeia, and the master’s soul is still in a hurry to collect the apprentice. The external array is so bad. Nine times out of ten, he relied on the cheap apprentice to find the resurrection method.
"Since Master has spoken, we will definitely take this cup with us when we leave."
The little old man’s head was surprised that he could receive such a clever apprentice. "The old man has a good eye, so I said I have a good eye for disciples. Those old guys still don’t believe it."
"Since you are so well-advised," Qingwu Zun casually threw a piece of Yu Pei to Han Xiumo. "This is just a gift for you."
"Thank you, Master." Han Xiumo picked up Yu Pei and saw that Yu Pei sample. After that, his pupil suddenly shrank, but he quickly concealed his strange change of subject. "Master, I don’t know how we are going to get out of here?"