Before Su Yu set out to break through the shackles of holiness, he had to solve the problem of 10 thousand clansmen first

The ambassador of all ethnic groups was connected to the reception hall, and the appearance of the ambassador of all ethnic groups occupied about two-thirds of the hall.
The different faces and appearances of all ethnic groups are all taken in by Su Yu.
"All families want to buy recovery Dan medicine and solid culture yuan Dan, pulp washing Dan and other drugs? I don’t have much Chinese medicine such as silver silk and secret lotus. "
Wang Chuan withered side will report Su Yu eyebrows a pick toward the bottom of the family asked.
Presumably these days, this group of aliens must have spent a lot of money to buy Yanhuang’s selling Dan medicine, adding the life juice Dan medicine, which naturally takes several times as much as ordinary Dan medicine.
It is the life juice and Bian Que’s blending technique that make the alien root method copy the efficacy of Dan medicine
So they can make peace.
The appearance of the silver silk lotus must be the reason why many forces are crazy.
However, you can also imagine why the explosion of the stargate has given up the hope of the entire Xinghai quasi-sacred land.
"Su Da, what conditions do you have to come out and let us see?"
Shen Yu eyebrows a bunch of he said gently on behalf of the family first responded.
Unwilling to lag behind, the wolf clan also motioned for Su Yu to make conditions.
And Shen Yu looked at each other at Su Yu’s lip angle slightly. "My Yanhuang Dan medicine has now reached the point where it is valuable. If you want to get Yanhuang again, the purchase conditions are naturally different."
"Restore Dan’s price is now the highest, and it has been sold to 100,000 immortals. I can charge you a bottle of 50,000 immortals."
"Dan Yu medicine Yanhuang will charge you twice the market price."
"Those who have a high price for silver silk and secret lotus have now become saints, and you should know how popular such Dan medicine is."
Su Yu let go of the blank paper and said indifferently
Hearing this, a group of foreigners could not help gnashing their teeth.
Gu Pei Yuan Dan and Xi Sui Dan are at least 100,000 immortal stones at the market price!
Su Yu’s mouth is twice as big!
Especially the Wolf clan, they can buy almost a bottle of Dan medicine just by receiving the post office these days!
Yanhuang has such a difficult condition!
"Su Yu, you are not deliberately making things difficult for us!"
Wolf clan broke out first.
They have a feud with the Chinese people, and now they have been swallowing this Dan medicine for four months.
It’s hard to see Su Yu’s face. He’s so hard on the alien!
"We all agreed."
Wolf clan anger just issued a listen to ginseng yu agreed.
Before that, the hundred families formed an alliance again, and Shen Yu was the person who spoke this time. He naturally represented the hundred families.
Okur glanced at Senyu and hesitated for half a ring, then slowly nodded, "I, the Terran, also agreed."
In addition to the orcs, several ranking numbers have not yet been spoken. Wusheng Pavilion and Ziya Mountain are not out of the two terran forces.
"The family hurriedly, god Terran you are crazy! ? You also agree with this unreasonable price! What do you think of the orcs? "
Other races, such as choosing wolves, don’t care
But what makes the wolf clan angry most is that the orcs have chosen silence!
"I still need to consider a thing or two about such conditions. I wonder if Su Da can wait a few days."
The voice of the orc tribe is very polite, not as arrogant as that of the Wolf tribe.
No matter whether the orcs and the Chinese people hold grudges, they are not as profound as the wolves and the Chinese people, and his performance is much more calm.
Su Yu reminded her lip angle and looked down coldly. "The Wolf clan sent me to help me sell Dan medicine."
"Since you are disrespectful to me, the Yanhuang Dan medicine will not be sold to the Wolf clan or the alien Yanhuang will end here!"
"The orcs asked me not to wait for the alien to decide whether to buy today, so we can make a decision."
Su Yu said categorically that she didn’t give it to make the aliens hesitate at all.
Zhuge Liang slowly walked out from behind Su Yu with a feather fan. He kindly said, "If you decide to buy, you can stay first, choose to go back and close again, and you can quit the temple."
Buy or not? Don’t buy it. Get out!
Such a wind is in line with Su Yu Terran style!
Anyway, I hold the rare Dan medicine formula, which is equivalent to monopolizing the industry. Don’t buy our Yanhuang Dan medicine if something happens! Since you want to buy, you should pay for the resources!
"Hey, it’s not like there is a Yanhuang family to sell!"
"My roots can’t afford to be so expensive."
"Su Dadi’s roots are beyond my power!"
"I decided to try my luck in the black market, and Su Yu always sucks blood."
The alien made one after another scold and left.
There are only a few small planes left, except for the Terran and the Hundred Tribes, and the Ziya Mountain and Wusheng Pavilion remain undecided.
I heard that Su Yu’s look on the black market from those alien mouths was slightly meaningful, so I saw Zhuge Liang’s eyes.