Ow woo-

Silver Wolf demon let out a howl and tried to move his body to avoid the bear demon attack.
It’s a pity that the bear demon attacked quickly, and the silver wolf demon root didn’t come to escape.
However, the wolf demon didn’t wait and die, although there was no chance to escape. When the bear demon’s back armor was about to fall, the wolf demon’s back green python spit out a few green poison gases.
Bang bang bang—
The green poison gas released by the silver pervert and the green python hit each other almost at the same time.
The wolf demon was stabbed by a nail and several blood holes were made.
Of course, the bear demon is also uncomfortable, and the poisoning is getting worse and worse.
By this time, Xu Ren’s face finally had a little smile. Although both demon families still have fighting capacity, they can’t escape the fate of both sides if they go to a stalemate again.
Small demon leopard Molin be careful. After all, the two demon families are not weak. He is also afraid that these two guys will wake up and then aim at him and Xu Ren.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were shocked and shocked. At this time, they didn’t know what to say. Xu Ren’s idea was really different. They didn’t like the Xu Ren plan, but now the Xu Ren plan is suspected to be successful.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
When Xu Ren, Xiao Yao Bao Mo Lin, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were thinking about their own worries, the bear demon and the silver pervert demon each gave a roar, which seemed to blame each other
However, in this case, when it is obvious that there is no mutual accusation, it is not who can directly scare the other party back, depending on who can persist in living to the end.
Seeing the law scare off the other party, Xiong Yao once again took the lead in launching an attack.
The demon race human habits are different. In the demon race world, it is always strong. The demon race attacks more actively and the weaker side is mostly passive defense. Although the defensive side may win the final victory, the chances are not great.
On the other hand, the human demon race is just the opposite, because there is a saying that "the first Mover is strong", so the human monks often see that the weak attack is more active.
Of course, there are also accidents. For example, like Xu Ren, he doesn’t like to start first whether he is stronger than himself or weaker than himself.
Silver Wolf demon dare not easily confront the bear demon, but his speed is faster. Xu Ren feels that if this wolf demon tries hard, it is estimated that his speed will not be too far behind.
Bear demon and wolf demon look more like representatives of speed and strength.
The bear demon represents strength while the wolf demon represents speed.
Bang bang—
Not long after, the bear demon and the wolf demon attacked and collided again. This time, the wolf demon body appeared several blood holes, and the bear demon body was hit by several green fogs again.
After this collision, the wolf demon and the bear demon also played a real fire, and the two sides no longer held back when they confronted each other again.
Then the battle between the bear demon and the wolf demon became more and more exciting, and both sides seemed to be involved.
At this time, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. They thought it should be the best opportunity, but Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin didn’t mean to leave.
A Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng can still hold back, but as time goes by, they can’t stand Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, and they can’t wait to die here.
People are selfish. Even though Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saved Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng before, they decided to take care of themselves when they faced the life and death choice again.
Swish swish-
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng rushed out of the back of the silver wolf demon at almost the same time.
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng seem that even if they leave, the two demon families should not chase them. After all, there are Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao Molin in situ.
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng escape Xu Ren sighed slightly. These two men are really impatient. It is death to escape at this time.
Chapter one thousand and ninety-one Town
There is no harm to Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng Xu Ren, but these two guys are going to die and Xu Ren doesn’t want to stop them. After all, people have their own opinions. Since these two guys don’t want to drag him down and the little demon leopard Mo Lin, he is also willing to see such a result.
Therefore, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, saw that after Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng fled, they didn’t move, and they didn’t call the two men back. They seemed to cooperate with the two men and didn’t seem to find their escape.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
See Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng to run the bear demon and the wolf demon, but they are in a hurry and they don’t care about fighting. They jumped directly at Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
At the moment, Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng’s roots have not been repaired. Although their bodies have been strengthened in this unknown land, they are much stronger than before. Even so, how can they outrun the bear demon and the silver satyr demon?
"ah! ….. Xu Xiong, ink brother save me "
Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng let out a scream almost at the same time.
By this time, they are really white. Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, didn’t move. It’s really that the demon race is too close to their prey. You don’t understand, they don’t move you, but if you move, the situation will be different.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, just like the root didn’t hear Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng asking for help. Although they also have the ability to confront the two demon families at the moment, they still have to spend a lot of effort after all. Two dead people can’t make effort.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, were in danger if they didn’t rescue Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng.
"surnamed Xu mo, if you don’t save me today, even if we leave here and return to China, we will not let you go."
After feeling that they were in critical condition, both Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng were in a hurry. What can be said is that they were confused and threatened Xu Ren.
Xu Rengen didn’t take a reason for these two people. They died themselves. Xu Renlai didn’t bother to pay attention to them. But if these two people really want to repent and say a few words of apology, then Xu Ren may not necessarily go to from ruin. But these two guys will call for help and then threaten them. Where will Xu Ren care about them
"ah! ……”
Shen Guoyi gave a tragic howl, and one of his arms was directly bitten by the lion’s head on the left arm of Xiong Yao.
"ah! ……”
Another scream, Chen Guosheng’s lower abdomen was directly bitten by the silver wolf demon.
Xu Ren and Xiao Yaobao shook their heads, and then the two of them suddenly accelerated and ran out directly behind the wolf demon.
Ho ho-
Ow woo-
Although the bear demon and the wolf demon feasted, their attention didn’t really shift from Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin to Xu Ren. When the small demon leopard Molin showed their size and fled, the two demon families almost roared at the same time and chased Xu Ren and the small demon leopard Molin.
Without Shen Guoyi and Chen Guosheng, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, finally ran away with speed.
In this way, the two demon families can’t catch up. Even the fast silver wolf demon has been pulled a long way by Xu Ren and the little demon leopard Molin.
By this moment, the two demon families have understood that it is impossible for them to chase away from the two guys. If it were not for the drag of the two-legged prey, they would have run away and disappeared.
The monster beast also has its own cognition, for example, if it is strong, it will be considered strong, and if it is extremely fast, it will be considered strong.
After the two demon families chased out a distance, they stopped chasing and returned to their territory.
The bear demon has long since slipped away with his prey in his mouth. He appears poisoned and continues to fight with the silver wolf demon, which is likely to kill him.
Although their life here is very hard and sometimes they can’t eat enough, they don’t want to let them die, and even if one of the two strong teams finally lives, it will be riddled with holes. If you are not careful, you will lose the demon snacks.
Although the bear demon with three heads is very violent and grumpy, his brain is not white. His three heads will still weigh the pros and cons.
Just because the bear demon with three heads is more available, the original order is still maintained here.
Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, got rid of those demon families and immediately felt wide and wide after they came after them.
Xu Ren and Molin, a small demon leopard, are not incapable of killing the two demon families, but Xu Ren vaguely feels that if he kills the indigenous demon family here by himself, it will probably cause unnecessary trouble. Whether it is a person or a demon family, if he is born and raised here, he will not kill it himself.
Even before chasing them, Xu Ren, the demon family with leopard body and snakehead tail, didn’t kill them all. It’s just a trap that trapped them. If there are companions coming behind to save or kill them, it’s none of his business.
In the process of marching along the stream, Xu Ren and Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, met several demon families again. However, because neither Xu Ren nor Mo Lin, the little demon leopard, was involved, they were not delayed by the appearance of those demon families.
Actually, Xu Ren and Molin, the little demon leopard, don’t know where they are going now. When they want to find a local person to understand the situation here, even if there are no humans, they can find a demon family in the shaping period.
Of course, it is also a big problem for the demon race to communicate with human beings in this place where spiritual power can’t be moved. It is not a matter of time to learn a language.
Xu Ren hopes that they can understand the Northern Xuanzhou Mandarin, but not the Japanese Mandarin. He has also learned the Japanese Mandarin and several dialects during this period. In addition, Xu Ren has also learned the Mandarin of Nan Danzhou, Xi Hezhou and China. I hope that the aborigines here can understand a mandarin or dialect, so that communication will be more convenient and smooth.
Perhaps it was the hard-working Xu Ren who found a town and it was inhabited after he went all the way along the stream to the intersection of several streams.
To Xu Ren’s surprise, the people in this town are all normal people, not as weird as those demon families.
In addition, there is another discovery in Xu Ren, that is, people here are very physically strong, even children of a few years old have fighters.
When I arrived in this town, the little demon leopard Molin also felt incredible. To know that martial arts in China is called a dead end, martial arts people are also looked down upon by monks, but I didn’t expect this place to be a place where one practices martial arts.
Of course, it’s impossible to say how high the martial arts people in this town are. Xu Ren saw that most of them were hard rocks, and a small number of people reached the mountaineering territory, so they should be considered top fighters.
"Are you from the outside world?"